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Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett stores are ubiquitous on British high streets, however their digital presence was lagging behind their retail performance.

They asked us to redesign their eCommerce platform from the ground up, and to help them focus their sales strategy around digital.

I lead the design team through an intensive 3 month project, designing a hugely flexible, responsive pattern library that would enable them to ‘reskin’ the site according to their current campaign aesthetic, whilst retaining a high level of usability and a distinct H&B feel.

At the outset of the project we ran a series of activities to discover and define the essence of the Holland & Barrett brand, visiting stores and interviewing staff and customers alike .

The visual language we developed was undertaken in a mobile-first manner, reflecting where we saw the usage trends going and ensuring a inherently usable interface.

The visual language was then rolled out to cover all use cases, including an animation palette and extensive pattern library.

“I’ve been impressed with Chris’s quiet authority and design sensibility, combining flair and precision with a user-centred design approach.”

— Mark Hix, UX Director, cxpartners

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