Chris Berridge.

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I worked with Homedecor to create a digital identity and full user interface design for an exciting online furniture venture called Brilliant Project.

Working closely with their brand identity designer, I produced a flexible, multi-purpose visual language - a bold, contemporary, aspirational aesthetic inspired by modern interior design, which we used to craft an innovative storage designer.

Following a period of brand research and extensive moodboarding, I developed a warm yet confidently contemporary digital visual language flexible enough to be used for both editorial content and for the hard-working storage designer UI.

This aesthetic was expanded across a library of user interface patterns that were used to develop the website and application.

“Chris is a joy to work with. He is an excellent designer who comes up with elegant, usable solutions to his clients’ design problems.”

— Jesmond Allen, Head of UX, cxpartners

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Random excerpts from my Scrapbook.