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An up and coming startup asked me to create a visual language that was going to help them take their product to the next level.

MoneyHub is a powerful financial planning app, which was launched to acclaim a year or so before I started working with them.

It soon became apparent that their temporary visual identity needed to be updated if they were to make the leap into the mainstream.

I ran a collaborative workshop to explore and define the personality of their identity, and designed a flexible, attractive, authoritative visual language that enabled them to present a huge range of financial data in an engaging, informative manner.

I held a brand workshop with the major stakeholders in the project, including the CEO, running a series of exercises that delved into the positioning of the product - what it is, what it does and why that matters.

I then created a comprehensive visual language (for smartphone and tablet apps, and for their website) based on the findings from the workshop, designed to project a quiet sense of authority whilst maintaining a sense of order when displaying a variety of financial data.

“I was on Chris’ team for just short of 4 years. The design systems, brand identities, and layouts he designed were world class.”

— Luke Jones, Hudl

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