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Holiday Extras

Last year the charming Alex Hunter invited me to work with him on a comprehensive repositioning of the Holiday Extras brand.

I was tasked with bridging the gap between brand and the digital experience - redesigning all of the digital touchpoints to adhere to the vision set out in the new brand work.

I worked with members of the board (including the CEO) to develop a programme of work, then led the design itself; developing a sustainable workflow, defining the visual language, and designing the UIs and accompanying design guide.

At the outset of the project I ran a workshop to delve into the meaning behind the brand, and to define an appropriate personality for design work moving forward.

Once I had the principles in place, I began the work of creating an appropriate aesthetic for the new brand.

A key element of the redesign was the introduction of the Holiday Extras 'Task Bar' - a signature UI component that served a dual purpose; elegantly solving a UX challenge around surfacing different product types, whilst enabling customers to complete their task quickly and easily.

The design guide included practical examples of imagery and video styles, colour schemes, iconography and UI elements, with downloadable templates, swatches and libraries. It also included a live pattern library, which was updated as new UI elements were created.

“The work was (is) some of the best I've ever seen. Genuinely.”

— Alex Hunter, ex Global Head of Online for the Virgin Group

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