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The world’s largest hotel group asked us to create a global digital design language to be used to relaunch every Marriott site worldwide.

I lead the design of the toolkit of styles, patterns and guidelines that allowed Marriott to instill a cohesive brand aesthetic across each touchpoint, whilst catering for a wide variety of cultural contexts.

To gain internal buy-in and help generate momentum we held regular show and tell sessions with the team in Washington DC, inviting Marriott staff to come and see how the work we were doing was going to help the business achieve their objectives.

The global design language was documented via a central website, and released to Marriott locations worldwide during a phased programme of work.

We worked from Marriott HQ in Washington DC for the duration of the project, which we kicked off with a workshop to delve into the unique challenges facing such a global brand.

The visual language I designed was to be the basis for a global redesign of the Marriott digital touchpoints. This informed all of the choices I made, from the typeface (with huge international character set) to the colour scheme (designed to complement a range of secondary, region-specific secondary colours).

A number of variations on the theme were developed to cater for differing cultural contexts, from the familiar warmth of the US visual language to the luxurious sheen of the Chinese version.

“Chris is a strong design leader, with a strategic view on design that I really valued during my time at cxpartners.”

— Alastair Lee, Digital Strategy and Product Development

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