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We built a world-class in-house design team for the UK’s largest building society, designed their studio, and collaborated on a new visual identity.

Nationwide asked us to help them change the way they approach design, by creating a world-class internal design agency that they could use to spread best-practice design thinking throughout the business.

A key activity during the programme of work was the definition and creation of a new brand for the agency.

We crafted a bold new identity with a distinctive sense of considered innovation, confidence and expertise that positioned the team as distinct from the wider Nationwide organisation.

After an initial period of research I ran a callaborative brand workshop to delve into the characteristics of The Studio’s identity. The outputs of this workshop were distilled into a set of brand principles we used to shape the design work.

We worked through a number of iterations with the team, exploring concepts based around an idea of proximity and collaboration, before selecting a favourite to be developed further.

The typography and graphical flourishes both adhere to an elegantly angular concept - we wanted the aesthetic to create beauty and order from seemingly chaotic consituent parts, a reflection of the capabilities of the team.

The identity was packaged as a toolkit of styles, rather than a prescriptive set of guidelines. This gave the freedom to create unique artworks for a range of applications - from coffee cups to workplace posters. The new Studio team took the outputs from our work and continued to develop the concept before officially launching the agency.

“Chris is a joy to work with. He is an excellent designer who comes up with elegant, usable solutions to his clients’ design problems.”

— Jesmond Allen, Head of UX, cxpartners

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