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Promonews is an industry-standard destination for the music video industry, from the people behind Adam Buxton's BUG.

I worked with them to completely reimagine their digital products, and created an exciting, contemporary identity that reflected the creativity of their content.

I created a comprehensive design system to accompany the new visual identity, and undertook the UX for the project, including bringing the work to life with high-fidelity prototypes.

The outputs were documented via a flexible pattern library that I worked closely with the tech team to implement.

The brand typeface, Router, was chosen to reflect the positioning of Promonews at the intersection of the functional and the organic, the technical and the creative.

The redesign included a revamp of the IA, undertaken concurrently with a review of the publication's content strategy, ensuring the freshest content is delivered to people who want to read it, as efficiently as possible.

“Chris is one of the best designers I've ever worked with.”

— Joe Leech, Author of Psychology for Designers

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